Washington Administrative Code
2021 Archive

Chapter 222-20 WAC
Last Update: 2/22/21

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WAC Sections
222-20-010Applications and notifications—Policy.
222-20-015Multiyear permits.
222-20-016Small forest landowner long-term applications.
222-20-017*Applications that include forest practices hydraulic projects.
222-20-020Application time limits.
222-20-030Delivery of notifications and applications—Receipts—File numbers.
222-20-040*Approval conditions.
222-20-050Conversion of forest land to nonforest use.
222-20-051Conversion option harvest plans.
222-20-052Notice of conversion to nonforestry use.
222-20-055Continuing forest land obligations.
222-20-060Deviation from prior application or notification.
222-20-070Emergency forest practices.
222-20-075*Exotic forest insect or disease outbreaks.
222-20-080Application and notification expiration.
222-20-090*Options for filing applications and preapplication consultation for forest practices hydraulic projects.
222-20-100Notice to parks and DAHP.
222-20-110Notice of forest practices to cities and towns.
222-20-120Notice of forest practices that may contain cultural resources to affected Indian tribes.
222-20-130Notice and administration in CRGNSA special management area.
Reviser's note: For an explanation of the rules marked with an asterisk (*), see WAC 222-12-010.