Washington Administrative Code
2021 Archive

Chapter 296-807 WAC
Last Update: 11/17/15

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WAC Sections
296-807-110Switches (controls).
296-807-11005Make sure switches are safe.
296-807-120Portable circular saws.
296-807-12005Make sure portable circular saws are safe to use.
296-807-130Portable belt sanding machines.
296-807-13005Guard portable belt sanding machines.
296-807-140Compressed air tools.
296-807-14005Follow the manufacturer's instructions.
296-807-14010Prevent air tools from ejecting attachments.
296-807-14015Protect employees from contact with compressed air.
296-807-14020Make sure safeguards are used when cleaning with compressed air.
296-807-14025Make sure airhose and plastic pipe supplying compressed air to portable air tools are safe.
296-807-14030Make sure air tools are adequately designed and constructed.
296-807-14035Use air tools safely.
296-807-14040Make sure fastener driving air tools (nailers and staplers) are safe.
296-807-150Powder actuated fastening systems.
296-807-15005Make sure tool operators are qualified.
296-807-15010Make sure employees are aware tools are in use and wear appropriate personal protective equipment (PPE).
296-807-15015Make sure tools are adequately designed and constructed.
296-807-15020Make sure tools and containers are properly labeled.
296-807-15025Make sure powder loads and power levels are properly identified.
296-807-15030Use proper powder loads.
296-807-15035Make sure the tool is appropriate to the job.
296-807-15040Make sure the operator uses the tool safely.
296-807-15045Use fasteners safely.
296-807-15050Inspect and maintain tools properly.
296-807-15055Make sure tools are stored properly.
296-807-160Power lawnmowers.
296-807-16005Make sure equipment meets minimum design and construction requirements.
296-807-16010Make sure the equipment has the appropriate labels and decals.
296-807-16015Make sure the operator understands and follows instructions before starting the mower.
296-807-16020Use the equipment safely.
296-807-16025Protect employees from fuel and exhaust.
296-807-16030Use walk-behind mowers safely.
296-807-16035Use ride-on mowers safely.
296-807-17005Make sure jacks are labeled with their rated load(s).
296-807-17010Make sure the jack is safe to lift the load.
296-807-17015Lift the load safely.
296-807-17020Visually inspect jacks and keep them in good working order.
296-807-180Portable tools using abrasive wheels.
296-807-18005Make sure abrasive wheels and tools are properly designed and constructed.
296-807-18010Make sure machines have safety guards.
296-807-18015Keep safety guards in good functional condition.
296-807-18020Use specific safety guards for machines using Type 1 grinding wheels, cutting-off wheels, and tuck pointing wheels.
296-807-18025Use specific safety guards for vertical and angle grinders using Type 6 or Type 11 wheels.
296-807-18030Use specific safety guards for vertical and angle grinders using Type 27, 28 and 29 wheels.
296-807-18035Use side handles on vertical and angle grinders.
296-807-18040Make sure abrasive wheels are safe to use.
296-807-18045Mount wheels properly.
296-807-18050Use proper flanges.
296-807-18055Make sure flanges are in good condition.
296-807-18060Use specific flanges for Type 1 cutting-off wheels.
296-807-18065Use specific flanges for Type 27A cutting-off wheels.
296-807-18070Use specific flanges for threaded hole wheels.
296-807-18075Use specific flanges for cup, cone or plug wheels with threaded inserts or projecting studs.
296-807-18080Use blotters when required.
296-807-18085Meet specific blotter requirements when using modified Types 6 and 11 wheels (terrazzo).
296-807-190Definitions. [Statutory Authority: RCW 49.17.010, [49.17].040, [49.17].050, and [49.17].060. WSR 03-09-009, § 296-807-190, filed 4/4/03, effective 8/1/03.] Repealed by WSR 15-23-086, filed 11/17/15, effective 12/18/15. Statutory Authority: RCW 49.17.010, 49.17.040, 49.17.050.