Washington Administrative Code
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Chapter 357-13 WAC
Last Update: 5/22/19

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WAC Sections
357-13-010Who adopts the classification plan?
357-13-015What must the classification plan be based upon?
357-13-020When and how is the classification plan to be revised?
357-13-025What criteria must be met in order for the director to adopt revisions or salary adjustments to the classification plan?
357-13-030Must employers maintain position descriptions?
357-13-035Must a standard form be used for each position description?
357-13-040What must be included in each position description?
357-13-045Who is responsible for completing the position description form?
357-13-050Who is responsible for allocating or reallocating each position?
357-13-055What must allocations or reallocations be based upon?
357-13-058What is the requirement for employers to develop procedures which address evaluating positions for placement in the information technology professional structure (ITPS)?
357-13-060Must employers have a procedure that addresses when positions are to be reviewed for reallocation?
357-13-065Must the employer's procedure allow an employee to request a review of his/her position?
357-13-070Must an employer notify an employee when the employee's position is reallocated?
357-13-075Must the notice of reallocation inform the employee of the right to request a director's review of the reallocation?
357-13-080Can an employee request a director's review of a position review or reallocation of the employee's position?
357-13-083What happens if an employee requests a director's review of his or her allocation or files an exception to the director's decision and is laid off before a decision is issued?
357-13-085How is the effective date of a reallocation determined?
357-13-090How is an employee affected when his/her position is reallocated?