Washington Administrative Code
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Chapter 1-21 WAC
Last Update: 10/11/19

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WAC Sections
1-21-008Electronic filing.
1-21-010Preproposal statement of inquiry.
1-21-015Expedited rule making.
1-21-020Notice—Form, contents, numbers.
1-21-030Notice period—Washington State Register distribution date.
1-21-035Joint administrative rules review committee—Review rules.
1-21-040Washington State Register material—Time for filing.
1-21-060Withdrawal of proposal.
1-21-070Administrative order.
1-21-072Rules coordinator designation.
1-21-074Public records officer designation.
1-21-076Notices of public meetings.
1-21-078Interpretive and/or policy statements.
1-21-079Rules development agenda.
1-21-080Numbering system—Captions.
1-21-090Redesignation of WAC numbers.
1-21-100Nontext rules.
1-21-110Amendatory rules.
1-21-120Underlining restricted.
1-21-125Style and formatting.
1-21-140Review of previously adopted rules.
1-21-150Exemptions from publication.
1-21-160Filing after office hours.
1-21-170Official forms.
1-21-180Rule-making activity report.