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Chapter 220-354 WAC
Last Update: 6/29/22

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WAC Sections
220-354-010Lawful and unlawful acts—Salmon.
220-354-020Unlawful actsSalmon possession and transport.
220-354-030Sale and purchase of commercial caught salmon.
220-354-040CarriersTransporting packaged salmon.
220-354-050Limited participation salmon net fisheries.
220-354-060Closed areasTroll line gear.
220-354-070Closed areas—Grays Harbor and tributaries.
220-354-080Puget Sound salmonClosed areas.
220-354-090Puget Sound salmonQuick reporting.
220-354-100Puget Sound salmonLawful gearPurse seine.
220-354-110Puget Sound salmonSpecial purse seine mesh size.
220-354-120Puget Sound salmonPurse seineOpen periods.
220-354-130Purse seineRelease of incidentally caught fish.
220-354-140Puget Sound salmonLawful gearGillnet.
220-354-150Puget Sound salmonGillnetDaily hours.
220-354-160Puget Sound salmonGillnetOpen periods.
220-354-170Puget Sound salmonLawful gearReef nets.
220-354-180Puget Sound salmonReef net open periods.
220-354-190Puget Sound salmonNet seasonsTime.
220-354-200Puget Sound salmonBeach seineEmerging commercial fisheryEligibilityLawful gear.
220-354-210Puget Sound salmonBeach seineOpen periods.
220-354-220Willapa Bay salmon—Seasons and lawful gear.
220-354-230Willapa Bay salmon—Gillnet gear specifications.
220-354-240Willapa Bay salmonSummer fishery.
220-354-250Willapa Bay salmon fall fishery.
220-354-260Grays Harbor salmon gear.
220-354-270Grays Harbor salmonGillnet gear specifications.
220-354-280Grays Harbor salmon—Summer fishery.
220-354-290Grays Harbor salmon fall fishery.
220-354-300Coastal salmon troll seasonsCommercial.
220-354-310Puget Sound—Salmon preserve—Drayton Harbor.
220-354-320Puget Sound—Salmon preserve—San Juan Island.
220-354-330Puget Sound—Salmon preserve—Strait of Juan de Fuca.
220-354-340Puget Sound—Area 7A salmon fishery separation lines.