Washington Administrative Code
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Chapter 246-71 WAC
Last Update: 11/1/19

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WAC Sections
246-71-020Adding qualifying patients and designated providers to the database.
246-71-030Renewing qualifying patients and designated providers in the database.
246-71-040Requirements for recognition cards.
246-71-050Database access by marijuana retailers with medical endorsements.
246-71-060Database access by qualifying patients or designated providers.
246-71-070Database access by prescribers and dispensers.
246-71-080Database access by local, state, tribal, and federal law enforcement and prosecutorial officials.
246-71-090Database access by the department of revenue.
246-71-110Penalties and sanctions.
246-71-120Process to obtain a replacement recognition card.
246-71-130Removal of a qualifying patient or designated provider from the database.
246-71-140Revocation of a designated provider.
246-71-150Release of aggregate information from the database.
246-71-990Recognition card fees.