Washington Administrative Code
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Chapter 296-310 WAC
Last Update: 12/11/85

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WAC Sections
296-310-020Application for initial and renewed licenses.
296-310-030Denial of license.
296-310-040Requirements for a license to transport employees.
296-310-050Amount of bond or security.
296-310-070Duplicate licenses.
296-310-080Length of license period.
296-310-090Change in business structure, name, address, or number of employees.
296-310-100Cancellation of insurance or bond.
296-310-110Refund of security deposited with the department.
296-310-120Revocation or suspension of license.
296-310-130Submission of complaint.
296-310-140Investigation of complaint.
296-310-150Notice of violation.
296-310-160Appeal of notices.
296-310-170Hearing on appeal of notice.
296-310-180Effect of final decision.
296-310-190Suit by department for unpaid wages or damages.
296-310-200Procedures for filing suit against a contractor.
296-310-210Collection of judgments.
296-310-220Priority for payment of judgments.
296-310-230Civil penalties.
296-310-240Adjustment of controversies.
296-310-250Filing and service.
296-310-260Liability of person who uses services of unlicensed contractor.
296-310-270Inspection of records.