Washington Administrative Code
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Chapter 296-360 WAC
Last Update: 7/1/22

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WAC Sections
296-360-020General requirements of RCW 49.17.160 of WISHA.
296-360-030Filing a complaint of discrimination.
296-360-040Discrimination, determination, and notification.
296-360-045Appropriate relief for violations of RCW 49.17.160.
296-360-050Withdrawal of complaint.
296-360-060Arbitration or other agency proceedings.
296-360-070Persons prohibited from discriminating.
296-360-080Persons protected by RCW 49.17.160.
296-360-090Unprotected activities distinguished.
296-360-100Discrimination because of a complaint under or related to WISHA.
296-360-110Discrimination because of a proceeding under or related to the act.
296-360-120Discrimination because of testimony.
296-360-130Discrimination because of exercise of any right afforded by WISHA—In general.
296-360-140Discrimination because of exercise of right afforded by WISHA—Walkaround pay.
296-360-150Discrimination because of exercise of right afforded by WISHA—Refusal to work in an unsafe condition.
296-360-160Payment of damages to employee discriminated against.
296-360-170Employee's refusal to comply with safety rules.
296-360-175Penalties for violations of RCW 49.17.160.
296-360-180Appeals of citations and notices of assessments.