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Chapter 308-330 WAC
Last Update: 10/10/17

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WAC Sections
308-330-005Purpose of this chapter.
308-330-010Amendments to this chapter automatically included.
308-330-030Uniformity in application.
308-330-100Chapter 46.04 RCW (Definitions) adopted by reference.
308-330-112Bus stop.
308-330-133Loading zone.
308-330-136Official time standard.
308-330-142Parking meter.
308-330-145Parking meter space.
308-330-148Parking meter zone.
308-330-151Passenger loading zone.
308-330-154Planting strip.
308-330-157Police or police officer.
308-330-160Police chief or chief of police.
308-330-163Police department.
308-330-169School bus zone.
308-330-172Service parking.
308-330-181Taxicab stand.
308-330-184Tow truck operator.
308-330-187Traffic division.
308-330-195RCW sections adopted—Livestock.
308-330-197RCW sections adopted—Off-road and nonhighway vehicles.
308-330-200RCW sections adopted—Snowmobiles.
308-330-205Public employees to obey traffic regulations.
308-330-210Police administration.
308-330-215Duty of traffic division.
308-330-220Authority of police and fire department officials.
308-330-225Records of traffic violations.
308-330-230Traffic division to investigate accidents.
308-330-235Traffic accident studies.
308-330-240Traffic accident reports.
308-330-245Traffic division to submit annual traffic safety report.
308-330-250Police department to administer bicycle licenses.
308-330-255Police department to regulate parking meters.
308-330-260Traffic engineer.
308-330-265Traffic engineer—Authority.
308-330-270Local authority—Authority.
308-330-275Traffic safety commission—Powers and duties.
308-330-300RCW sections adopted—Certificates of ownership and registrations.
308-330-305RCW sections adopted—Vehicle licenses.
308-330-307RCW sections adopted—Driver licenses and identicards.
308-330-309RCW sections adopted—Uniform Commercial Driver's License Act.
308-330-310RCW sections adopted—Financial responsibility.
308-330-312RCW sections adopted—Mandatory liability insurance.
308-330-314RCW sections adopted—Vehicle inspection.
308-330-316RCW sections adopted—Vehicle lighting and other equipment.
308-330-320RCW sections adopted—Size, weight, load.
308-330-322 RCW sections adopted—Transportation of hazardous materials.
308-330-325RCW sections adopted—Accidents, reports.
308-330-327RCW sections adopted—Hulk haulers and scrap processors.
308-330-330RCW sections adopted—Motor vehicle wreckers.
308-330-360Owner of record presumed liable for costs when vehicle abandoned—Exception.
308-330-365Contract with registered disposer to dispose of vehicles and hulks—Compliance required.
308-330-370Stolen and abandoned vehicles—Reports of—Recovery, report required, penalty—Disposition.
308-330-400Provisions of chapter refer to vehicles upon highway—Exception.
308-330-403Required obedience to traffic ordinance.
308-330-406RCW sections adopted—Abandoned, unauthorized, and junk vehicle tow truck operators.
308-330-408RCW sections adopted—Traffic laws, signs, signals, markings.
308-330-409Traffic control devices required—Stopping, standing, and parking.
308-330-412Crossing new pavement and markings.
308-330-415RCW sections adopted—Right of way.
308-330-421RCW sections adopted—Turning, starting and stopping.
308-330-423RCW sections adopted—Speed restrictions.
308-330-425RCW sections adopted—Reckless driving, negligent driving, vehicular homicide and assault.
308-330-430Obedience to angle-parking signs or markings.
308-330-433Parking not to obstruct traffic.
308-330-436Parking for certain purposes unlawful.
308-330-439Standing in passenger loading zone.
308-330-442Standing in loading zone.
308-330-445Standing in a tow-away zone.
308-330-448Violating permits for loading or unloading at an angle to the curb.
308-330-451Standing or parking on one-way roadways.
308-330-454Stopping, standing, and parking of buses and taxicabs regulated.
308-330-457Restricted use of bus stops and taxicab stands.
308-330-460Right of way for parking.
308-330-462RCW sections adopted—Stopping, standing, and parking.
308-330-464RCW sections adopted—Operation and restrictions.
308-330-466Funeral processions.
308-330-469When permits required for parades and processions.
308-330-472Interfering with processions.
308-330-475Boarding or alighting from vehicles.
308-330-478Unlawful riding.
308-330-481RCW sections adopted—Operation of nonmotorized vehicles.
308-330-500Bicycle license required.
308-330-505Bicycle license application.
308-330-510Issuance of bicycle license.
308-330-515Attachment of bicycle license plate or decal.
308-330-520Inspection of bicycles.
308-330-525Renewal of bicycle license.
308-330-530Bicycle transfer of ownership.
308-330-535Bicycle rental agencies.
308-330-540Bicycle dealers.
308-330-545Bicycles—Obedience to traffic control devices.
308-330-555Bicycles—Riding on sidewalks.
308-330-565Unclaimed bicycles.
308-330-600Parking meter spaces.
308-330-610Parking meters—Deposit of coins and time limits.
308-330-620Parking meters—Use of slugs prohibited.
308-330-630Tampering with parking meter.
308-330-640Parking meters—Rule of evidence.
308-330-650Parking meters—Application of proceeds.
308-330-660Service parking.
308-330-700RCW sections adopted—Disposition of traffic infractions.
308-330-705RCW sections adopted—Enforcement.
308-330-720Citation on illegally parked vehicle.
308-330-730Failure to comply with traffic citation attached to parked vehicle.
308-330-740Presumption in reference to illegal parking.
308-330-800RCW sections adopted—Traffic control devices.
308-330-810RCW sections adopted—Limited access facilities.
308-330-815RCW sections adopted—Alcoholic beverage control.
308-330-820RCW sections adopted—Guide and service dogs.
308-330-825RCW sections adopted—Littering.
308-330-910Uniformity of interpretation.
308-330-121Department. [Statutory Authority: RCW 46.90.010. WSR 94-01-082, § 308-330-121, filed 12/13/93, effective 7/1/94.] Repealed by WSR 97-10-068, filed 5/5/97, effective 6/5/97. Statutory Authority: RCW 46.90.010.
308-330-123Director. [Statutory Authority: RCW 46.90.010. WSR 94-01-082, § 308-330-123, filed 12/13/93, effective 7/1/94.] Repealed by WSR 97-10-068, filed 5/5/97, effective 6/5/97. Statutory Authority: RCW 46.90.010.
308-330-329RCW sections adopted—Rental car businesses. [Statutory Authority: RCW 46.90.010. WSR 94-01-082, § 308-330-329, filed 12/13/93, effective 7/1/94.] Repealed by WSR 97-10-068, filed 5/5/97, effective 6/5/97. Statutory Authority: RCW 46.90.010.
308-330-375Disposition of abandoned junk motor vehicles. [Statutory Authority: RCW 46.90.010. WSR 94-01-082, § 308-330-375, filed 12/13/93, effective 7/1/94.] Repealed by WSR 97-10-068, filed 5/5/97, effective 6/5/97. Statutory Authority: RCW 46.90.010.