Washington Administrative Code
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Chapter 352-78 WAC
Last Update: 11/21/05

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WAC Sections
352-78-010What is the purpose of the mandatory boating safety education program?
352-78-020What do the words and phrases in this chapter mean?
352-78-030What is the process the commission will use to accredit a course provider?
352-78-040What are alternative methods of obtaining a boating education card?
352-78-050How do I become eligible to obtain a commission-issued boater education card?
352-78-060How can I obtain a boater education card?
352-78-070What document can be used temporarily in lieu of a boater education card?
352-78-080How do I get a replacement for my commission-issued boater education card?
352-78-090How do the boater safety education program requirements affect rental operators and liveries?
352-78-100What is the phase-in schedule for the mandatory boater safety education program?
352-78-110Who is exempt from having to carry a commission-issued boater education card when operating a motor vessel?
352-78-120What is the fee for a commission-issued boater education card?
352-78-130What constitutes a violation of this chapter?
352-78-140What is the penalty for violation of this chapter?
352-78-150Can the penalty for failure to possess a commission-issued boater education card be waived?