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Chapter 388-115 WAC
Last Update: 8/30/21

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WAC Sections
388-115-0500What is the purpose of this section of the chapter?
388-115-0503What definitions apply to WAC 388-115-0500 through 388-115-05640?
388-115-0505What is the client's role as managing employer of an individual provider?
388-115-0510What are the qualifications of an individual provider?
388-115-0511When is a background check required of an individual provider?
388-115-0513How does an individual provider complete a background check?
388-115-0516What are the responsibilities of the consumer directed employer when providing care to a client?
388-115-0520What are the training requirements for an individual provider?
388-115-0523What are the training and certification requirements for individual providers?
388-115-0540When will the consumer directed employer reject your selected individual provider?
388-115-05410What are the client's rights if the consumer directed employer rejects their selection of a person to serve as their individual provider or discontinues their current individual provider's assignment?
388-115-05415When will the department deny payment to the CDE?
388-115-0562When does the consumer directed employer have the right to an administrative hearing and how can a hearing be requested?
388-115-05640Self-directed care—Who must direct self-directed care?