Washington Administrative Code
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Chapter 392-343 WAC
Last Update: 6/22/21

(Formerly chapter 180-27 WAC)
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WAC Sections
392-343-012Waiver of rules to facilitate alternative public works contracting procedures.
392-343-015State board policy.
392-343-016Rules determining eligibility and timing of state funding assistance.
392-343-017Definition—School facilities.
392-343-018Definition—Portable facility.
392-343-019Definition—Instructional space.
392-343-020Related factors and formula for determining amount of state funding assistance.
392-343-023Emerging high school district eligibility.
392-343-025State funding assistance percentage—General.
392-343-030Applicable state funding assistance percentage for project.
392-343-032Growth impact fees and mitigation payments.
392-343-035Space allocations.
392-343-040Square foot area analysis.
392-343-045Space allocations—Enrollment projection provisions.
392-343-050Space allocations—Computing building capacity.
392-343-053State moneys for studies and surveys.
392-343-054Implementation of priority approval process.
392-343-056Funding during the period of a priority approval process order by the superintendent of public instruction.
392-343-05605Additional funding during a period of a priority approval process.
392-343-05607Funding for specifically appropriated projects during a period of a priority approval process.
392-343-057State funding assistance—Deferred payment.
392-343-059Application of priority system to projects with and without preliminary funding status.
392-343-060Determining the construction cost allocation.
392-343-063Annual review of actual construction costs of school projects.
392-343-065Educational specifications.
392-343-070Architectural and engineering services.
392-343-075Energy conservation report.
392-343-080Value engineering studies, constructability reviews, and building commissioning—Requirements and definition.
392-343-085Construction cost savings—Sharing incentive.
392-343-095Support level—Furniture and equipment allowances.
392-343-100Special inspections and testing.
392-343-102Construction management.
392-343-110Support level—Federal moneys.
392-343-115Support level—Additional state funding assistance.
392-343-120Costs to be financed entirely with school district funds.
392-343-125Unforeseen costs.
392-343-405Instructional space inventory of school facilities—Eligibility.
392-343-410Removal from instructional space inventory—Demolition.
392-343-415Removal from instructional space inventory—Sale or long-term lease of building.
392-343-420Removal from instructional space inventory—Conversion.
392-343-425Removal from instructional space inventory—Replacement.
392-343-500State funding assistance—Priorities after June 30, 1992.
392-343-505State funding assistance—Common priority elements.
392-343-510State funding assistance—New construction for growth priority factors.
392-343-515Modernization or new-in-lieu of modernization priority elements.
392-343-525State funding assistance—Priorities for co-ops.
392-343-530Type of school space—Determination.
392-343-535Existing building condition—Assessment.
392-343-600Emergency repair grant applications—Definitions—"Emergency repair," "imminent health and safety hazards," and "local funding."
392-343-605Emergency repair grant applications—Contents of applications.
392-343-610Emergency repair grant applications—The superintendent of public instruction approval/disapproval.
392-343-615Emergency repair grant applications—Repayment conditions.