Washington Administrative Code
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Chapter 495B-116 WAC
Last Update: 1/21/11

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WAC Sections
495B-116-010Purpose for adopting parking and traffic rules.
495B-116-020Applicable parking and traffic rules.
495B-116-040Authorization for issuance of permits.
495B-116-050Vehicle parking permits.
495B-116-060Visitor permits.
495B-116-070Responsibility of person to whom permit is issued.
495B-116-080Display of permits.
495B-116-090Transfer of permits.
495B-116-100Permit revocation.
495B-116-110Right to refuse permit.
495B-116-120Appeal of permit revocation or refusal.
495B-116-130Delegation of authority.
495B-116-150Violation of parking and traffic rules.
495B-116-160Issuance of traffic tickets or summons.
495B-116-170Fines and penalties.
495B-116-180Appeal of citations and penalties.
495B-116-190Parking advisory committee.
495B-116-200Disclaimer of liability by college.
495B-116-210Designation of parking.
495B-116-220Parking within designated spaces.
495B-116-230Regulatory signs, markings, barricades, etc.
495B-116-240Speed limit.
495B-116-250Pedestrian right of way.
495B-116-260Two-wheeled motorcycles or bicycles.
495B-116-270Report of accidents.
495B-116-280Disabled or inoperative vehicles—Impounding.