WSR 00-04-035



[ Filed January 25, 2000, 11:25 a.m. ]

Following is the rule-making agenda for the Department of Licensing. This agenda is sent as a requirement of RCW 34.05.314.




97-11-002 Driver Responsibility Procedural rules regarding the revocation and restoration of driving privileges of those forced to be an habitual traffic offender under chapter 46.65 RCW, including rules regarding the right to a hearing.
97-15-037 Vehicle Dealers Change in vehicle dealer temporary permit requirements.
97-13-079 Professional Athletics Establish new rules for the regulation of professional boxing, wrestling, kickboxing and martial arts.
98-09-079 Boxing Rule revisions on this subject are needed to clarify processes and procedures.
98-11-038 Funeral Reinstatement of license or registration following suspension for failure to comply with a support order under chapter 74.20 RCW or a residential or visitation order under chapter 26.09 RCW.
98-16-073 Title and Registration Chapter 308-96A WAC, Vehicle licensing, including but not limited to sections 205, 206, 220.
99-07-136 Engineers New section titled signature.
99-10-054 00-01-060 Title and Registration Chapter 308-58 WAC, Reporting destroyed vehicles.
99-10-055 Title and Registration Chapter 308-99 WAC, Procedures for operation of foreign plated vehicles in this state.
99-12-018 Master Licensing Chapter 308-87 WAC, Limousine carrier businesses.
99-16-051 99-21-071 Dealers Unauthorized and abandoned vehicle review and to implement ESB 5649.
99-18-127 00-01-005 Title and Registration Chapter 308-56A WAC, Manufactured home certificates of ownership.
99-18-126 Title and Registration Chapter 308-57 WAC, Motor vehicle excise tax.
99-18-131 00-01-059 Title and Registration Chapter 308-88 WAC, Rental car taxation and licensing.
99-18-130 Title and Registration Chapter 308-93 WAC, Consent decree entered in United States vs. Washington, Civ. No. 9213-Ph 1, Nov. 1994.
99-18-129 99-23-092 Title and Registration Chapter 308-56A WAC, Branding and special built vehicles.
99-18-127 Title and Registration Chapter 308-56A WAC, Manufactured home certificates of ownership.
99-18-010 Fuel Tax Chapter 308-97 WAC, Trip permits.
99-18-101 Real Estate Chapter 308-124H WAC.
99-20-112 00-01-045 Title and Registration Chapter 308-56A WAC.
99-20-145 Engineers Establish guidelines for obtaining a practice permit in accordance with RCW 18.210.090.
99-21-053 00-01-021 Appraisers Incorporate by reference of the 2000 edition of the uniform standards of professional appraisal practice.
99-23-028 Sellers of Travel Update chapter 308-129 WAC due to new legislative changes.
00-01-034 Title and Registration Chapter 308-93 WAC.
00-01-035 Title and Registration Chapter 308-56A WAC.
00-01-036 00-03-094 Title and Registration Chapter 308-96A WAC.
00-01-042 Athletics Boxing chapter 36-12 WAC, wrestling chapter 36-13 WAC, martial arts chapter 36-14 WAC.
00-01-098 Admin. Services Chapter 308-04 WAC.
00-01-153 Title and Registration Chapter 308-94 WAC.
00-01-154 Title and Registration Chapter 308-93 WAC.
00-01-220 Engineers Establishing and implementing practice permits as required under chapter 18.210 RCW.
00-03-037 Fuel Tax Chapter 308-77 WAC, Special fuel.
00-03-038 Prorate Chapter 308-91 WAC, Reciprocity and proration.
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