WSR 00-08-087


[ Filed April 4, 2000, 4:28 p.m. ]


Introduction: Ecology is reissuing the upland fin-fish hatching and rearing general permit. The previous permit was issued February 3, 1995. The purpose of the permit is to control the discharge of pollutants from hatcheries into waters of the state. The permit implements the Federal Clean Water Act, the State Water Pollution Control Act and chapter 173-221A WAC, Wastewater discharge standards and effluent limitations. Dischargers who require coverage under this permit include all state and private hatcheries that produce more than 20,000 pounds of fish per year or feed more than 5,000 pounds per month. The permit also contains best management practices; and effluent limitations and monitoring requirements necessary to protect state water quality. The public comment period closed on March 15, 2000.

Final Determination: A final determination to reissue this permit was made after ecology evaluated all the public testimony and written comments received during the public comment period. Minor modifications to the draft permit resulted from oral testimony at the public hearing on March 2, 2000, and the written public comment. A copy of the final upland fin-fish hatching and rearing general permit will be sent to all permittees and all parties who submitted written comments or gave public testimony.

How to Request Copies of the Permit: Requests for copies of the final permit, fact sheet and responsiveness summary may be made by contacting Paul Stasch, Water Quality Program, Washington Department of Ecology, P.O. Box 47600, Olympia, WA 98504-7600, e-mail, or by telephoning him at (360) 407-6446.

Ecology is an equal opportunity agency. If you have special accommodations needs or require this document in an alternative format, please contact Paul Stasch at (360) 407-6446 or (360) 407-6006 (TDD).

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