WSR 00-23-024



[ Memorandum -- November 6, 2000 ]

Notice of 2001 Public Meetings

The following is a schedule of the year 2001 monthly meetings of the Marine Employees' Commission (MEC) adopted by the MEC on October 27, 2000:

Month Day Location
January 26 Olympia
February 23 Olympia
*March 23 Olympia
April 27 Olympia
May 23 (Wednesday) Olympia
*June 22 Seattle
July 27 Seattle
August 24 Seattle
*September 28 Seattle
October 26 Seattle
November No meeting ------------
*December 14 Seattle

Meetings scheduled in Seattle will be held in the Dolphin Conference Room, Colman Building (3rd floor), 811 First Avenue, Seattle and will begin at 10:00 a.m. Meetings scheduled in Olympia will be held at the Evergreen Plaza Building, Second Floor Conference Room, and will begin at 10:00 a.m.

Special needs: For special accommodations or to request auxiliary aid, please contact the MEC office at least ten days in advance of the event at (360) 586-6354 (voice) or (360) 586-0820 (fax).

*Quarterly Management Team meetings will be held immediately following the commission meetings.

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