WSR 02-14-104




[ Filed July 2, 2002, 11:12 a.m. ]



July 2002 - January 2003

WAC Chapter or Section Purpose of rule being developed or amended
WAC 332-30-171 (new section) Address residential uses on state-owned aquatic lands.
WAC 332-30-139 Same as above.
WAC 332-30-106 Same as above.
WAC 332-30-109 Same as above.
WAC 332-30-115 Same as above.
WAC 332-30-144 Same as above.
WAC 332-30-148 Same as above.
WAC 332-130-060 Revise geodetic datum.
WAC 332-130-080 New vertical measurement survey standards.
WAC 332-130-090 Revise field traverse survey standards.
WAC 332-130-100 Survey equipment and procedures.
WAC 332-10-041 Board of Natural Resources member participation in official board meetings via electronic means.
Chapter 332-10 or 332-100 WAC Establish rates for "reasonable administrative costs" associated with the processing and monitoring rights of ways and easements.
WAC 332-24-710 Correct errors in the legal description of the Forest protection zone -- Kitsap County.
WAC 332-08-115 Establishing appeal timelines for persons to request adjudicative proceedings regarding DNR's surface mining determinations.
WAC 332-08-125 Describing the place for persons to file their request for an adjudicative proceeding of a DNR surface mining determination.
WAC 332-08-505 Identifying when brief adjudicative proceedings are available to review DNR's surface mining determinations.
WAC 332-08-515 Describing the necessity, method, and timeline for requesting a brief adjudicative proceeding.
WAC 332-08-(new section) Identifying the Administrative Procedure Act hearing provisions that will be applicable to DNR emergency orders to rectify deficiency and emergency suspension orders.
WAC 332-18-010 Defining key terms relating to surface mining and the permitting process.
WAC 332-18-01003 Describing certain minimum requirements prior to DNR's approval of a reclamation permit.
WAC 332-18-01004 Describing when DNR may deny an application for a reclamation permit.
WAC 332-18-01005 County permit fees.
WAC 332-18-50003 Procedures relating to DNR's issuance of civil penalties for surface mine reclamation violations.
WAC 332-18-05004 Civil penalty base calculations for various violations.
WAC 332-18-05005 DNR's calculation of civil penalties.
WAC 332-18-120 Establishing the form for surface mine reclamation bonds.
WAC 332-18-140 Requirements for use of an interest in real property in lieu of other reclamation performance security.
WAC 332-18-150 Requirements for surface mine reclamation permit transfers.
WAC 332-18-(new section) Describing a "complete application" and when it is "received" by DNR.
WAC 332-18-(new section) Describing DNR's process of reviewing surface mine reclamation permit applications at the Geology and Earth Resources Division.
WAC 332-18-(new section) Describing reclamation planning assistance that is available from DNR.

Dave Dietzman

Rules Coordinator

Washington State Code Reviser's Office