WSR 02-20-089


[ Filed October 1, 2002, 11:07 a.m. ]

The Department of Ecology (ecology) is beginning the underground injection control program rule revision process (chapter 173-218 WAC). Advisory committee meetings are being held to help us make decisions about this rule revision.

The UIC program's goal is to protect drinking water sources by regulating fluid discharges into the subsurface by way of UIC wells, such as dry wells and large on-site septic systems. Proposed changes the advisory committee will be considering include:

Rule authorization of properly managed stormwater discharges into UIC wells;

Modification of the rule language to be consistent with the UIC federal rule; and

Consistency between rules that regulate UIC wells.

UIC wells are used in both eastern and western Washington. The advisory committee will include members from both sides of the state, therefore, the meetings will be held in Ellensburg, Washington at the Palace Restaurant. Four meetings are being scheduled, on the second Thursday of the month starting on October 10, 2002, November 14, and then January 9. The other dates will be determined at the meetings. For more information about this rule revision or if you would like to attend these advisory committee meetings, please contact Mary Shaleen-Hansen, Water Quality Program, at (360) 407-6143 or

Washington State Code Reviser's Office