WSR 11-11-039




[ Filed May 12, 2011, 8:20 a.m. ]

Pursuant to RCW 34.05.230, enclosed is a policy and interpretive statement issued by the department of labor and industries regarding the specialty compliance services division policies.

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Specialty Compliance Services Division: Apprenticeship Program.

New Policy 2011-01: Responsible bidder status for public works: Decisions against training agent for violating ratio, supervision and/or approved work process requirements.

Chapter 197, Laws of 2009 (ESSB 5873) requires the program to establish penalties for contractors found to be working apprentices out of ratio, with inappropriate supervision, or outside their work process scope of the approved apprenticeship program. Contractors who are found out of compliance in any of these areas by the Washington state apprenticeship and training council (WSATC) may have their responsible bidder status revoked for the first violation and be barred from bidding on any public works contract for five years upon the second violation. The legislation also requires that the WSATC establish rules for implementing the law. This policy is an interim step toward full rule implementation.

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Tamara Jones

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