WSR 13-16-082
[Filed August 6, 2013, 10:13 a.m.]
Pursuant to RCW 39.12.015, 39.12.020 and WAC 296-127-011, on August 5, 2013, the industrial statistician made a correction to the prevailing rates of wage. Pursuant to WAC 296-127-011, the corrected rates will become effective thirty days from the publication on September 4, 2013.
The prevailing wage program has made a correction to the trade building service employees. This correction will affect prevailing wage rates for that trade in King County.
For more information on prevailing wage or a copy of the rates, please visit our web site at or call (360) 902-5335. Please see details of this correction below:
State of Washington
Department of Labor and Industries
Prevailing Wage Section
Phone (360) 902-5335
P.O. Box 44540
Olympia, WA 98504-4540
Washington State Prevailing Wage
The PREVAILING WAGES listed here include both the hourly wage rate and the hourly rate of fringe benefits. On public works projects, worker's wage and benefit rates must add to not less than this total. A brief description of overtime calculation requirements are provided on the Benefit Code Key.
Wage Rates for the trade Building Service Employees to be corrected in the following counties: King
Publish Date: August 5, 2013.
Effective Date: September 4, 2013.
Corrected Wage
Incorrect Wage
Building Service Employees
Building Service Employees
Traveling Waxer/
Building Service Employees
Window Cleaner
Building Service Employees
Window Cleaner
L. Ann Selover
Prevailing Wage Manager
Industrial Statistician