WSR 16-06-072
[Filed February 26, 2016, 9:25 a.m.]
Earlier this year, the department of ecology (ecology) proposed the clean air rule that would cap and reduce carbon pollution in Washington state. The proposed rule would help slow climate change and limit the projected effects on our state's coastal communities, agricultural industries, and drinking water supplies.
Since releasing the proposed rule, ecology has actively sought feedback that would help inform and shape the final rule. Ecology met with numerous groups and stakeholders and received helpful and constructive ideas on how to best approach the proposed rule.
Some of the updates and refinements now being considered for the proposed rule are significant, and as a result, ecology expects the updates will substantially alter the initial proposed rule. Because of this, ecology is withdrawing the proposed rule making (CR-102 proposed rule making for chapter 173-442 WAC, Clean air rule, and amendments to existing rule, chapter 173-441 WAC, Reporting of emissions of greenhouse gases, filed January 5, 2016, WSR 16-02-101) which will allow additional time for review, refinement, and feedback.
Ecology intends to continue working with stakeholders and updating the proposed rule language. We expect to file a new proposed rule in spring 2016 and finalize the rule in late summer 2016.
Polly Zehm
Deputy Director