Civil Defense, Department of
DAN: 84-8-34448

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Booklets1/1/1958MiscellaneousBound books not scanned: 1958 Civil Defense Operation Plan Volumes 4-7, Emergency Resources Management Plan, Operation Plan for Natural Disasters, Operation Plan for Search and Rescue, Concept of Emergency Operation for Car-Caused Disasters.16
12887/19/1966Permanent RuleRules adopted relating to 1958 Operations Plan, volumes 1 through 7, etc.115
L12236612/23/1966MiscellaneousLetter pertaining to civil defense programs and a list of qualified fallout shelter analysts.115
1588.57/10/1967MiscellaneousPlan for Washington home fallout protection survey.115
L0117691/17/1969MiscellaneousLetter regarding fallout protection in public structures.115
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