1484-S3 AMH BURI PETE 032





3SHB 1484 - H AMD 688

By Representative Buri

FAILED 2/9/2006


   On page 2, Line 24, after "bargaining" insert: ", and for additional local effort assistance as provided in this section."


   On page 2, line 28, after "distribute" insert: "to the state treasurer twenty percent of the annual revenue from the tax imposed under this section and shall distribute the remaining"


   On page 3, after line 21, insert:

   "(6) The superintendent of public instruction shall allocate to districts funds available from section 2 of this act in proportion to funding provided under local effort assistance under RCW 28A.500.030. These funds are in addition to and shall not supplant funds appropriated to districts under RCW 28.500.030."



   Renumber the subsections consecutively and correct any internal references accordingly.




EFFECT: Transfers 20 percent of new tax proceeds to state for distribution through the local effort assistance formuala.