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SHB 2507 - H AMD 734

By Representative Kenney

ADOPTED 2/9/2006


   On page 5, beginning on line 17, after "institution" strike ", as defined by chapter 28B.90 RCW"


   On page 5, line 19, after "(2)" insert "As used in this section, "foreign degree-granting institution" means a public or private college or university, either profit or nonprofit, that:

   (a) Is domiciled in a foreign country;

   (b) Offers in its country of domicile credentials, instruction, and services prerequisite to the obtaining of an academic or professional degree granted by such college or university; and

   (c) Is authorized under the laws or regulations of its country of domicile to operate a degree-granting institution in that country.





EFFECT: Defines the term "foreign degree-granting institution" as used in this act.