1903-S.E AMS SCHO S3240.1

ESHB 1903  - S AMD TO WM COMM AMD (S-3134.1/05)458
     By Senators Schoesler, Pflug

ADOPTED 04/11/2005

     On page 4, line 28 of the amendment, after "met." insert "The report shall also include impacts to the availability of low-interest and interest-free loans to local governments under RCW 43.155.055, 43.155.060, 43.155.065, and 43.155.068, resulting from appropriations to the job development fund. Information in the report shall include, but not be limited to:
     (a) The total funds appropriated from the public works assistance account to the job development account;
     (b) The ratio of loan requests submitted to the public works board as compared to actual money available for loans in the public works assistance account since the effective date of this act;
     (c) The total amount that would have been available for loans from the public works assistance account had this act not taken effect;
     (d) Identification of specific loan requests that would have qualified for funding under chapter 43.155 RCW had money been available in the public works assistance account;
     (e) Assessment of increased costs for otherwise qualifying projects where local governments were compelled to seek alternate funding sources."

EFFECT:  Includes additional criteria for consideration by JLARC when compiling and submitting its report to the legislature.

--- END ---