Washington State
House of Representatives
Office of Program Research

Commerce & Labor Committee

HB 1557

Brief Description: Expanding membership of the electrical board by appointment of one outside line worker.

Sponsors: Representatives Conway, Ericks, Kessler, Campbell, Blake, Simpson, Ormsby, Morrell, Chase, P. Sullivan and Kenney.

Brief Summary of Bill
  • Adds one outside line worker to the Electrical Board.

Hearing Date: 2/10/05

Staff: Chris Cordes (786-7103).


State law requires that persons who install or maintain wires or equipment to convey electric current be licensed. This licensure requirement does not apply to utilities and persons employed by utilities who install, repair, and maintain lines, wires, apparatus, or equipment used to light streets or public areas, or to transmit or distribute electricity to customers. The workers who construct and maintain electric transmission and distribution facilities are known as outside line workers.

The Department of Labor and Industries (Department) licenses electrical contractors and certifies electrical administrators and electricians. The Department also regulates the installation, repair, and maintenance of electrical wires, equipment, and services.

The Electrical Board (Board) advises the Director of the Department on electrical and telecommunications installation standards, inspection procedures, and adoption of rules pertaining to electrical inspections. The Board also reviews appeals of license revocations and suspensions, as well as other citations.

The 14-member Board includes 13 voting members who represent various segments of the electrical and telecommunications industries and the public. These members include one member who is an employee or officer of an entity generating or distributing electric power. The one nonvoting Board member is a city building official. These Board members are appointed by the Governor with the advice of the Director of the Department. The Secretary of the Board is the Chief Electrical Inspector.

The Board meets at least once each quarter. The Board members are compensated no more than $50 per day for days in which they attend official meetings or perform official duties. They are also reimbursed for travel expenses. These costs are paid from the electrical license fund.

Summary of Bill:

One outside line worker is added as a voting member of the Electrical Board. The Governor must appoint this member of the Board within 90 days after the bill's effective date.

Rules Authority: The bill does not contain provisions addressing the rule-making powers of an agency.

Appropriation: None.

Fiscal Note: Not requested.

Effective Date: The bill takes effect 90 days after adjournment of session in which bill is passed.