HB 2188

C 36 L 05
Synopsis as Enacted

Brief Description: Funding the conservation of the state art collection.

Sponsors: By Representatives Lantz, Kessler, Sells, Tom, McDermott, Conway, Kenney and Santos.

House Committee on Capital Budget
Senate Committee on Ways & Means


In 1974, the Legislature established the Art in Public Places Program, also known as the "one-half of 1 percent program." The program is administered by the Washington State Arts Commission (Arts Commission).

The program is funded from the state's capital budget through a mandatory, nondeductible allocation of one-half of 1 percent of each new state agency (including all state departments, boards, councils, commissions, and quasi-public corporations) or public school construction project. The funds generated from the program are set aside for the acquisition of new artwork through the Arts Commission, which retains 15 percent of the funds for administrative costs.

The Arts Commission awards approximately $3 million in grants and contracts to artists and arts organizations annually, adds 250 artworks to the state art collection biennially, and initiates educational programs for students of all ages. Works of art acquired through the program become part of the state art collection and are generally displayed within the building project or nearby grounds of the project generating the funding. The collection currently holds over 4,600 works, with an acquisition value of over $17 million. In consultation with the Office of the Superintendent of Public Instruction (OSPI) and representatives of school district boards of directors, the Arts Commission is responsible for the designation of projects and sites, selection, contracting, purchase, commissioning, reviewing of design, execution and placement, acceptance, maintenance, and sale, exchange, or disposition of works of art.

In addition to the cost of the works of art themselves, the one-half of 1 percent of the appropriation must be used to provide for the administration by the Arts Commission and all costs for installation of the work of art. However, the costs to carry out the Arts Commission's responsibility for maintenance may not be funded from the one-half of 1 percent moneys referred to it for the acquisition of new artwork by the agencies and public schools. Instead, availability of maintenance costs funding is contingent upon adequate appropriations being made for that specific purpose.

The OSPI and the school district board of directors of the districts where the sites are selected have the right to, among other things, waive their use of the one-half of 1 percent of the appropriation for the acquisition of works of art and reject the placement of a completed work or works of art on school district premises if such works are portable.


The restriction is removed that the costs to carry out the Washington State Arts Commission's responsibility for maintenance of state artworks may not be funded from the moneys made available for the art's purchase.

Votes on Final Passage:

House   94   0
Senate   41   0

Effective: July 24, 2005