BILL REQ. #:  Z-0775.3 


State of Washington59th Legislature2006 Regular Session

By Representatives Kessler and Haigh; by request of Lieutenant Governor

Prefiled 1/3/2006. Read first time 01/09/2006.   Referred to Committee on State Government Operations & Accountability.

     AN ACT Relating to the office of lieutenant governor; adding a new chapter to Title 43 RCW; creating a new section; and recodifying RCW 41.72.030, 43.03.020, 43.06.040, 43.342.010, 43.342.020, 44.04.270, 44.52.010, 44.52.020, 44.52.030, 44.52.040, 44.52.050, 44.52.060, 44.52.070, 44.52.900, and 44.52.901.


NEW SECTION.  Sec. 1   The legislature finds that as the duties and responsibilities of the office of lieutenant governor have continued to incrementally increase, they have been distributed among various noncorresponding chapters in statute. The legislature further finds that by consolidating the duties and responsibilities of the office of lieutenant governor under one chapter it keeps our statutes consistent among the different statewide elected offices and greater facilitates the understanding of the role of the office of lieutenant governor and its many statutorily defined duties and responsibilities.

NEW SECTION.  Sec. 2   A new chapter is added to Title 43 RCW to be named the "Office of Lieutenant Governor" and consisting of sections 3 and 4 of this act.

NEW SECTION.  Sec. 3   The following sections are each recodified as sections in chapter 43.-- RCW (created in section 1 of this act):
     (1) RCW 41.72.030, law enforcement medal of honor;
     (2) RCW 43.03.020, expenses when acting as governor;
     (3) RCW 43.06.040, duties when governor is absent;
     (4) RCW 43.342.010 and 43.342.020, association of Washington generals;
     (5) RCW 44.04.270, legislative international trade account;
     (6) RCW 44.52.010, legislative committee on economic development;
     (7) RCW 44.52.020, legislative committee on economic development;
     (8) RCW 44.52.030, legislative committee on economic development;
     (9) RCW 44.52.040, legislative committee on economic development;
     (10) RCW 44.52.050, legislative committee on economic development;
     (11) RCW 44.52.060, legislative committee on economic development;
     (12) RCW 44.52.070, legislative committee on economic development;
     (13) RCW 44.52.900, legislative committee on economic development; and
     (14) RCW 44.52.901, legislative committee on economic development.

NEW SECTION.  Sec. 4   The lieutenant governor serves as president of the senate and is responsible for making appointments to, and serving on, the committees and boards as set forth in this section.
     (1) The lieutenant governor serves on the following boards and committees:
     (a) Capitol furnishings preservation committee, RCW 27.48.040;
     (b) Washington higher education facilities authority, RCW 28B.07.030;
     (c) Productivity board, also known as the employee involvement and recognition board, RCW 41.60.015;
     (d) State finance committee, RCW 43.33.010;
     (e) State capitol committee, RCW 43.34.010;
     (f) Washington health care facilities authority, RCW 70.37.030;
     (g) State medal of merit nominating committee, RCW 1.40.020;
     (h) Medal of valor committee, RCW 1.60.020;
     (2) The lieutenant governor appoints members to the following boards and committees:
     (a) Organized crime advisory board, RCW 43.43.858;
     (b) Civil legal aid oversight committee, RCW 2.53.010;
     (c) Office of public defense advisory committee, RCW 2.70.030;
     (d) Washington state gambling commission, RCW 9.46.040;
     (e) Sentencing guidelines commission, RCW 9.94A.860;
     (f) State building code council, RCW 19.27.070;
     (g) Women's history consortium board of advisors, RCW 27.34.365;
     (h) Financial literacy public-private partnership, RCW 28A.300.450;
     (i) Joint administrative rules review committee, RCW 34.05.610;
     (j) Capital projects advisory review board, RCW 39.10.800;
     (k) Select committee on pension policy, RCW 41.04.276;
     (l) Legislative ethics board, RCW 42.52.310;
     (m) Washington citizens' commission on salaries, RCW 43.03.305;
     (n) Oral history advisory committee, RCW 43.07.230;
     (o) State council on aging, RCW 43.20A.685;
     (p) State investment board, RCW 43.33A.020;
     (q) Capitol campus design advisory committee, RCW 43.34.080;
     (r) Washington state arts commission, RCW 43.46.015;
     (s) Information services board, RCW 43.105.032;
     (t) K-20 educational network board, RCW 43.105.800;
     (u) Municipal research council, RCW 43.110.010;
     (v) Washington council for the prevention of child abuse and neglect, RCW 43.121.020;
     (w) PNWER-Net working subgroup under chapter 43.147 RCW;
     (x) Community economic revitalization board, RCW 43.160.030;
     (y) Washington economic development finance authority, RCW 43.163.020;
     (z) Tourism development advisory committee, RCW 43.330.095;
     (aa) Life sciences discovery fund authority, RCW 43.350.020;
     (bb) Legislative children's oversight committee, RCW 44.04.220;
     (cc) Joint legislative audit and review committee, RCW 44.28.010;
     (dd) Joint committee on energy supply and energy conservation, RCW 44.39.015;
     (ee) Legislative evaluation and accountability program committee, RCW 44.48.010;
     (ff) Agency council on coordinated transportation, RCW 47.06B.020;
     (gg) Manufactured housing task force, RCW 59.22.090;
     (hh) Washington horse racing commission, RCW 67.16.014;
     (ii) Correctional industries board of directors, RCW 72.09.080;
     (jj) Joint committee on veterans' and military affairs, RCW 73.04.150;
     (kk) Washington state parks centennial advisory committee, RCW 79A.75.010;
     (ll) Puget Sound council, RCW 90.71.030;
     (mm) Joint legislative committee on water supply during drought, RCW 90.86.020;
     (nn) Statute law committee, RCW 1.08.001; and
     (oo) Joint legislative oversight committee on trade policy, RCW 44.55.020.

--- END ---