HB 1052 - DIGEST

Requires the council to meet at least annually to: (1) Identify state agencies operating or funding prevention programs;

(2) Review research findings and recommendations of the institute;

(3) Identify gaps in available research and make recommendations to the legislature regarding areas that should be prioritized for future research investments;

(4) Certify, by affirmative vote of at least six members, evidence-based prevention programs for state funding; and

(5) Recommend legislation modifying duties and services of state agencies as necessary to achieve the purposes of this act.

Requires state agencies identified by the council as operating or funding prevention programs to: (1) Submit biennial reports to the council containing: (a) A description of each prevention program on which the agency expends state funds, including but not limited to whether the program is an evidence-based program; and (b) the percentage of state funds the agency receives for prevention programs that is being expended on evidence-based programs; and

(2) Spend not less than the percentages of state funds specified in this act on certified evidence-based programs in the fiscal years specified: (a) Fifty percent in fiscal year 2007; (b) sixty percent in fiscal year 2008; and (c) seventy percent in fiscal year 2009 and thereafter.