HB 1084-S - DIGEST


Authorizes limited recreational activities, playing fields, and supporting facilities existing before January 1, 2004, on designated recreational lands in jurisdictions planning under RCW 36.70A.040.

Recognizes the need for playing fields and supporting facilities for sports played on grass as well as the need to preserve agricultural land of long-term commercial significance. With thoughtful and deliberate planning, and adherence to the goals and requirements of the growth management act, both needs can be met.

Acknowledges the state's interest in preserving the agricultural industry and family farms, and recognizes that the state's rich and productive lands enable agricultural production. Because of its unique qualities and limited quantities, designated agricultural land of long-term commercial significance is best suited for agricultural and farm uses, not recreational uses.

Acknowledges also that certain local governments have either failed or neglected to properly plan for population growth and the sufficient number of playing fields and supporting facilities needed to accommodate this growth.

Recognizes also that many local governments face difficult choices when determining whether to adequately fund needed services or to provide outdoor recreational facilities that enhance the health and quality of life of its citizenry.

Declares an intent to establish a study committee on outdoor recreation to examine relevant issues and seek long-term solutions for local governments as they respond to growing needs for recreational facilities.