HB 1401-S.E - DIGEST


Requires the building code council to adopt rules by December 1, 2005, requiring that all nightclubs be provided with an automatic sprinkler system. Rules adopted by the council shall consider applicable nationally recognized fire and building code standards and local conditions.

Provides that, by December 15, 2005, the council shall transmit to the fire protection policy board copies of the rules as adopted. The fire protection policy board shall respond to the council by February 15, 2006. If changes are recommended by the fire protection policy board the council shall immediately consider those changes to the rules through its rule-making procedures. The rules shall be effective December 1, 2007.

Provides that, prior to installation of an automatic sprinkler system under this act, an owner of property may apply to the assessor of the county in which the property is located for a special property tax exemption.

Declares that, as used in this act, "special property tax exemption" means the determination of the assessed value of the property subtracting, for ten years, the increase in value attributable to the installation of an automatic sprinkler system under this act.

Provides that the county assessor shall, for ten consecutive assessment years following the calendar year in which application is made, place a special property tax exemption on property classified as eligible.