HB 1484 - DIGEST

Declares an intent that additional funding provided under this act be used by school districts to provide regional cost-of-living salary supplements to school district employees, as determined through collective bargaining, and to provide local funds to support the purposes defined in RCW 28A.505.210(1) (c) and (d) (Initiative 728).

Provides that a county may impose a regular property tax levy for the maintenance and operation of schools within the county in accordance with this act.

Provides that, upon receiving resolutions requesting a levy under this act from the board of directors of school districts within the county where the petitioning school districts represent a majority of the students within the county, the county legislative authority shall submit an authorizing proposition to the county voters.

Provides that, if the proposition is approved by a majority of the voters voting on the proposition, the county shall impose a levy not to exceed seventy-five cents per thousand dollars of assessed value.

Requires ballot propositions to conform with RCW 29A.36.210.

Declares that any tax imposed under this act shall be used only for the maintenance and operation of schools. The county shall distribute levy proceeds to each school district within the county based on the district's full-time equivalent student enrollment in the prior school year.