SB 6659 - DIGEST

Declares that, in the twenty-first century, members of the legislature are confronted with increased complexity of issues facing the legislature, increased demands for their time, increased accountability standards, and the resulting difficulty in meeting public obligations while having to earn a second income to support their families.

Provides that, in order for service in the state legislature to remain open to all segments of society, and in order for legislators to have the time to develop expertise in the complex areas addressed by the legislature, a full-time state legislature is needed. A full-time state legislature will allow members to devote their talents and energies to accomplishing the work of the people, and avoid conflicts or apparent conflicts between the member's private interests and official responsibilities.

Declares that this act is not intended to extend or otherwise change the current length or frequency of regular sessions, or of interim committee meeting schedules. It is also not intended to increase staff size. It is intended to give the members the financial freedom to commit their time completely to their public duties.