1001-S3 AMH DICK H3016.1

3SHB 1001  - H AMD TO H AMD (H-2858.1/07)351
     By Representative Dickerson

FAILED 03/13/2007

     On page 1, beginning on line 3 of the amendment, strike all material through page 2, line 11, and insert the following:

"NEW SECTION.  Sec. 15   (1) The department of social and health services juvenile rehabilitation administration will convene a work group to review current practices in juvenile sentencing for vehicle theft-related offenses and make recommendations to the legislature for improvements in sentencing to reduce recidivism and the occurrence of new vehicle thefts.
     (2) The work group shall include the following:
     (a) A representative from the juvenile court administrators;
     (b) A representative from the Washington association of prosecuting attorneys;
     (c) A representative of the Washington association of sheriffs and police chiefs;
     (d) An individual or representative of an organization representing juveniles in offender proceedings;
     (e) A representative from the administrative office of the courts;
     (f) A representative of the juvenile rehabilitation administration;
     (g) An individual employed at a county detention facility or a representative of a county detention facility;
     (h) A juvenile probation officer; and
     (i) A juvenile parole officer.
     (3) The work group may seek the assistance of experts as needed, including in the areas of substance abuse treatment, mental health treatment, offender treatment alternatives, and research in juvenile sentencing issues.
     (4) The work group duties shall include:
     (a) A review of the current laws for sentencing of offenses related to vehicle thefts;
     (b) A review of the Washington data on vehicle thefts, arrests, and convictions for offenses related to vehicle thefts;
     (c) A review of research, data, and best practices for sentencing in juvenile court;
     (d) Development of recommendations to the legislature to improve the prosecution, adjudication, and dispositions for juveniles adjudicated of theft-related vehicle offenses that will reduce future offenses and recidivism.
     (5) The work group shall report to the appropriate committees of the legislature by December 1, 2007."

EFFECT:  Requires the Juvenile Rehabilitation Administration to create a work group to review juvenile sentencing issues related to motor vehicle theft offenses and report recommendations to the Legislature to improve the prosecution, adjudication, and dispositions for such offenses.

--- END ---