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3SHB 1001 - H AMD 337

By Representative Miloscia

WITHDRAWN 3/13/2007


   On page 42, line 8, after "authority" strike "which" and insert "for the purpose of this state reaching the goal of having the lowest amount of auto theft crimes in the nation. The auto theft prevention authority"


   On page 43, line 30, after "(c)" insert "Identify the common demographics of offenders that commit auto theft-related crimes, including but not limited to such factors as age, gender, income, employment, education, previous criminal history, frequency of re-offenses, participation in law-abiding extracurricular activities, family life, living in a single parent verses a multiple parent household, other family members' possible involvement in auto theft-related offenses or other crimes, and motives and incentives for committing auto theft-related offenses;



   On page 43, line 31, strike "(d)" and insert "(e)"


   On page 43, line 32, after "(4)" insert "The authority shall develop accountability and explicit performance measures for reducing the amount of autos stolen each year and the possibility of auto theft crimes leading to other more serious felonies being committed in the future. Performance measures and targets for each performance measure regarding reducing juvenile and adult auto theft offenses must be completed by December 31 annually and be included as part of the authority's annual report to the legislature.



   On page 44, line 5, after "recommendations" strike "during the preceding year" and insert "for reducing auto theft crimes"




EFFECT: Requires the Auto Theft Prevention Authority to study and identify the common social demographics of offenders committing auto theft crimes as well as develop accountability and performance measures for reducing the amount of autos stolen annually in Washington.