1031-S AMH ERIC DURB 260





SHB 1031 - H AMD TO H AMD (1031-S AMH MORR DURB 252) 1008

By Representative Ericksen

WITHDRAWN 2/12/2008


   On page 2, beginning on line 23 of the striking amendment, strike all of sections 4 through 9


   Renumber the remaining section consecutively and correct internal references accordingly.


   On page 5, line 6 of the striking amendment, after "2" strike "through 8" and insert "and 3"




EFFECT: Strikes the following provisions of the striking amendment:

        Section 4, which makes the intentional scanning of an identification device without a person's consent a violation of the Consumer Protection Act;

        Section 5, which contains circumstances under which scanning of an identification device is allowed;

        Section 6, which requires opt-in consent if a governmental or business entity intends to collect, use, or retain data associated with a person after a sales transaction or service has bene completed, and also allows a person to opt-out;

        Section 7, which specifies that Sections 3, 4, and 6 do not apply if a governmental or business entity obtains a person's opt-in consent;

        Section 8, which requires the Attorney General's Office to report to the Legislature annually on personally invasive technologies that may warrant legislation; and

        Section 9, which relates to conflicts between federal and state law.