2647-S2 AMH DARN H5656.1

2SHB 2647  - H AMD1121
     By Representative Darneille

ADOPTED 02/18/2008

     Beginning on page 2, line 37, strike all of subsection (3) and insert the following:
     "(3)(a) "Children's product" includes any of the following:
     (i) Toys;
     (ii) Children's cosmetics;
     (iii) Children's jewelry;
     (iv) A product designed or intended by the manufacturer to help a child with sucking or teething, to facilitate sleep, relaxation, or the feeding of a child, or to be worn as clothing by children; or
     (v) Child car seats.
     (b) "Children's product" does not include the following:
     (i) Batteries with a voltage of 1.5 or less;
     (ii) Slings and catapults;
     (iii) Sets of darts with metallic points;
     (iv) Toy steam engines;
     (v) Bicycles;
     (vi) Video toys that can be connected to a video screen and are operated at a nominal voltage exceeding 24 volts; and
     (vii) Chemistry sets."

EFFECT:  Exempts certain toys from the definition of "children's product."

--- END ---