2815-S2 AMH CHAS FORD 138





2SHB 2815 - H AMD TO H AMD (H-5643.4/08) 1249

By Representative Chase

ADOPTED 2/19/2008


   On page 6, line 3, after "team" strike "and" and insert ","


   On page 6, line 4, after "Washington" insert ", and the Washington State University,"


   On page 18, line 31, after "board," insert "Washington State University small business development center,"


   On page 19, line 38, after "industries" insert "and small businesses"


   On page 20, line 37, after "industry" insert "and small businesses"






EFFECT: Requires the DOE to consult with Washington State University, in addition to other organizations, in providing recommendations to the Legislature on forestry and agricultural lands and their participation in the multisector market-based system. Requires the Employment Security Department to consult with Washington State University's small business center when conducting labor market research. Requires the DCTED to make recommendations for financial incentives to expand small businesses. Requires the Green Industry Skill Panel to plan strategies to meet recruitment and training needs of small businesses.