HB 2502

This analysis was prepared by non-partisan legislative staff for the use of legislative members in their deliberations. This analysis is not a part of the legislation nor does it constitute a statement of legislative intent.

As Reported by House Committee On:

Title: An act relating to jurisdictional route transfers.

Brief Description: Transferring jurisdictional route transfer responsibilities from the transportation improvement board to the transportation commission.

Sponsors: Representative Clibborn; by request of Transportation Improvement Board.

Brief History:

Transportation: 1/21/08, 1/29/08 [DP].

Brief Summary of Bill
  • Transfers the responsibility for reviewing route jurisdiction transfers from the Transportation Improvement Board to the Transportation Commission.


Majority Report: Do pass. Signed by 25 members: Representatives Clibborn, Chair; Flannigan, Vice Chair; Ericksen, Ranking Minority Member; Schindler, Assistant Ranking Minority Member; Appleton, Armstrong, Campbell, Dickerson, Eddy, Herrera, Hudgins, Jarrett, Kristiansen, Loomis, Rolfes, Sells, Simpson, Smith, Springer, Takko, Upthegrove, Wallace, Warnick, Williams and Wood.

Staff: Christie Parker (786-7322).

A route jurisdiction transfer is the conversion of a state highway into a local road or the conversion of a local road into a state highway. Since 1991 the Transportation Improvement Board (TIB) has received and reviewed these transfer requests. The criteria for evaluating these requests are established in statute. If the TIB agrees with the transfer request, the TIB forwards a recommendation to the House and Senate transportation committees.

The TIB distributes grant funding to cities and counties for transportation projects. The Transportation Commission (Commission) sets tolls and ferry fares. The Commission also produces the Washington Transportation Plan, which outlines statewide goals and objectives.

Since 2000 the TIB has received nine route jurisdiction requests. Staff time devoted to this effort is estimated at two- to four-person weeks per year, but the amount of time varies depending upon the request.

Summary of Bill:
Review of route jurisdiction transfer requests is transferred from the TIB to the Transportation Commission.

Appropriation: None.

Fiscal Note: Available.

Effective Date: The bill takes effect 90 days after adjournment of session in which bill is passed.

Staff Summary of Public Testimony:

(In support) The Commission is responsible for virtually every other function regarding the designation of state highways; the current rule regarding the TIB is the exception. The Commission is the natural place for making these decisions, and the change should not make it easier or more difficult to obtain a route designation transfer.

The TIB's purpose is to aid requests by local jurisdictions; therefore, local entities are the TIB's "customers" and board members. This puts the TIB in an awkward position when a transfer request is controversial.

The Legislature considered this legislation in 2006, but it was not approved because the structure of the Commission was under debate.

The Commission considered this proposal again in November 2007 and unanimously supported this change. The Commission is willing to take on this responsibility, and there is no fiscal impact for the proposed change.

(Opposed) None.

Persons Testifying:
Representative Clibborn, prime sponsor; Steven Gorchester, Transportation Improvement Board; and Dale Stedman, Washington State Transportation Commission.

Persons Signed In To Testify But Not Testifying: None.