HB 1418 - DIGEST

Declares that it is the intent of the state of Washington to protect the public against the serious health and safety risks that dangerous wild animals pose to the community.

Provides that a city or county may adopt an ordinance governing potentially dangerous wild animals that is more restrictive than this act. However, nothing in this act requires a city or county to adopt an ordinance to be in compliance with this act.

Provides that a person who violates this act is liable for a civil penalty of not less than two hundred dollars and not more than two thousand dollars for each animal with respect to which there is a violation and for each day the violation continues.

Provides that the animal control authority and its staff and agents, local law enforcement agents, and county sheriffs are authorized and empowered to enforce the provisions of this act.

Provides that, if a locality does not have a local animal control authority, the department of fish and wildlife shall enforce the provisions of this act.