SB 5032 - DIGEST

Finds that the legislature has declared through RCW 27.34.220 that it is the public policy and in the public interest of the state to designate, preserve, protect, enhance, and perpetuate those structures, sites, districts, buildings, and objects that reflect outstanding elements of the state's historic, archaeological, architectural, or cultural heritage, for the inspiration and enrichment of the people of the state. The Vancouver national historic reserve is on both the state and federal registers as a historic district and encompasses some of the richest historic, archaeological, architectural, and cultural resources in the state.

Declares it is the purpose of this act to: (1) Confirm the role of the state of Washington in the development and management of the Vancouver national historic reserve;

(2) Identify the role of state agencies in the Vancouver national historic reserve; and

(3) Establish an account in the state treasury through the Washington state historical society for funds designated specifically for the Vancouver national historic reserve.