SB 5288 - DIGEST

Provides that, by August 1, 2008, each school district shall amend its harassment, intimidation, and bullying prevention policy to include a section addressing acts of bullying, harassment, or intimidation that are conducted via electronic means. The policy shall include a requirement that materials meant to educate parents and students about the seriousness of cyberbullying be disseminated to parents or made available on the school district's web site.

Provides that the material shall include information on responsible and safe internet use as well as what options are available if a student is being bullied via electronic means, including but not limited to, reporting threats to local police and when to involve school officials, the internet service provider, or phone service provider. If a school district has internet use policies, the act of bullying, harassing, or intimidating another student via online means shall be included as a prohibited act and be subject to disciplinary action.