SB 5837-S - DIGEST

Finds that Washington state and the nation benefit from equal educational opportunities for all students and employees of the public schools.

Finds that in recognition of this benefit, numerous existing state and federal constitutional provisions, laws, rules, and regulations prohibit, and provide redress against, harassment and discrimination. In doing so, these laws and regulations promote the protection and well-being of students and staff.

Finds that lack of monitoring compliance with these laws and regulations significantly weakens these protections and that the state has a responsibility to identify noncompliance, coordinate resources, and provide a greater presence by monitoring compliance more frequently than is currently done.

Recognizes that regular and increased monitoring can play an important role in preventing problems from arising by ensuring the school district's understanding of its responsibilities under state and federal law; can benefit the state by reducing the costs associated with complaints and lawsuits due to noncompliance; and will further protect Washington's students from suffering the harmful effects of discrimination, harassment, and sexual misconduct.