1815 AMH ORCU PETE 008


HB 1815 - H AMD 130

By Representative Orcutt

ADOPTED 3/06/2009

    On page 3, line 20, strike "or"


    On page 3, line 21, after "within" strike "fifteen" and insert "seven, except as provided in subsection (d)(iii) of this subsection,"


    On page 3, line 24, after "year;" insert "or

     (iii) Has a standing crop of short rotation hardwoods with an expectation of harvest within fifteen years and a demonstrable investment in the production of those crops equivalent to one hundred dollars or more per acre in the current or previous calendar year;"




           EFFECT:   Allows land with crops that have an expectation of harvest within 7 years, or 15 years, in the case of short rotation hardwoods, to qualify for current use assessment as agricultural land.




--- END ---