2855-S AMH LIIA LEAT 221

SHB 2855 - H AMD 1059

By Representative Liias


    On page 10, line 12, after "((previously))" insert "initially"


    On page 10, at the beginning of line 13, strike "July" and insert "September"


    On page 10, line 18, after "((previously))" insert "initially"


    On page 10, line 18, after "after" strike "July" and insert "September"


    On page 12, line 2, after "contract," insert "not to exceed three percent of the fees collected,"


    On page 12, beginning on line 8, strike all of section 10 and insert the following:

    "NEW SECTION.  Sec. 10.  (1)(a) The joint transportation committee shall conduct a study to establish a statewide blueprint for public transportation that will serve to guide state investments in public transportation.  At a minimum, the study should include an assessment of unmet operating and capital needs of public transportation agencies, the state role in funding those unmet needs, and the priorities for state investments.  The study shall also identify efficiency and accountability measures to reduce public transportation costs and improve efficiency and services. 

    (b) The statewide blueprint for public transportation should serve to guide state investments to support public transportation and address unmet needs to improve service, access to public transportation, and connectivity between public transportation providers across jurisdictional boundaries.  The blueprint must be consistent with the state's transportation system policy goals provided in RCW 47.04.280 and the statewide transportation plan provided in RCW 47.01.071(4).

    (2) To provide input to the study, the committee shall convene an advisory panel.  The cochairs of the committee shall appoint and convene the public transit advisory panel comprised of members as provided in this subsection:

    (a) One member from each of the two largest caucuses of the senate.

    (b) One member from each of the two largest caucuses of the house of representatives.

    (c) One representative of the department of transportation's public transportation division.

    (d) Two representatives of users of public transportation systems, one of which must represent persons with special needs.

    (e) Three representatives from transit agencies from a list recommended by the Washington state transit association.

    (f) Two representatives from regional transportation planning organizations, one representing eastern Washington and one representing western Washington.

    (g) Three representatives of employers at or owners of major work sites in Washington.

    (h) The chief executive officer, or the chief executive officer's designee, of a regional transit authority.

    (i) Two representatives of organizations that address primarily environmental issues.

    (j) One member of a collective bargaining organization that primarily represents the interests of transit agency employees.

    (k) Other individuals deemed appropriate.

    (3) Nonlegislative members must seek reimbursement for travel and other membership expenses through their respective agencies or organizations.

    (4) The committee shall submit a report to the standing transportation committees of the legislature by December 15, 2010. 

    (5) This section expires June 30, 2012."



          ·   Makes a technical correction to the transportation benefit district vehicle fee statute to align the date after which vehicle fees may not be stacked with the date applied to public transportation systems in the proposed legislation.  

          ·   Establishes that the Department of Licensing may deduct a percentage of no more than three percent of the vehicle fees collected to reimburse the Department for its collection costs.

          ·   Makes several changes to the study convened by the Joint Transportation Committee (JTC), including: Modifying the  purpose of the study to include specific consideration of the state's role in public transportation and to require that the study identify efficiency and accountability measures; adding members to the advisory panel; removing the provision directing the Washington State Transit Association to provide staff support; directing the JTC, instead of the panel, to report to the Legislature; reducing the number of reports from two to one; and modifying the due date of the report from December 1, 2010 to December 15, 2010.



--- END ---