2855-S AMH WHIT LEAT 222

SHB 2855 - H AMD 1071

By Representative White


    On page 8, after line 31, insert the following:

    "(4) Any new or existing public transportation service hours funded in part or in whole by proceeds from vehicle fees imposed or approved under this section by a public transportation system having within its boundaries some or all of a county with a population of more than one million:

    (a) Must be allocated within the boundaries of the public transportation system based on a transparent policy, with the broad goal of maximizing ridership, that considers population density, location of employment centers, and cost effectiveness as measured by cost per boarding.

    (b) May not be allocated based on geographic areas or subareas." 


    Renumber the remaining subsections consecutively and correct any internal references accordingly.



           EFFECT:   Requires that vehicle fee proceeds used to fund new or existing service hours by transportation systems serving counties with populations exceeding one million must allocate the service hours based on a transparent process that considers population density, unmet needs, location of employment centers, and cost effectiveness, and prohibits such funds from supporting service hours based on geographic subareas. 




--- END ---