2897-S AMH ROAD MUNN 254

SHB 2897 - H AMD 1181

By Representative Roach


    On page 15, after line 8, insert the following:

"Sec. 10.  RCW 47.56.820 and 2008 c 122 s 4 are each amended to read as follows:

    (1) Unless otherwise delegated, only the legislature may authorize the imposition of tolls on eligible toll facilities.

    (2) All revenue from an eligible toll facility must be used only to construct, improve, preserve, maintain, manage, or operate the eligible toll facility on or in which the revenue is collected.  Expenditures of toll revenues are subject to appropriation, must be used only for highway purposes consistent with Article II, section 40 of the state Constitution, and must be made only:

    (a) To cover the operating costs of the eligible toll facility, including necessary maintenance, preservation, administration, and toll enforcement by public law enforcement within the boundaries of the facility;

    (b) To meet obligations for the repayment of debt and interest on the eligible toll facilities, and any other associated financing costs including, but not limited to, required reserves and insurance;

    (c) To meet any other obligations to provide funding contributions for any projects or operations on the eligible toll facilities; or

(d) ((To provide for the operations of conveyances of people or goods; or

(e) ))For any other improvements to the eligible toll facilities."


    Renumber the remaining sections consecutively and correct any internal references accordingly.  Correct the title.




           EFFECT: Requires that all toll revenue must be used only in a manner that is consistent with the 18th amendment to the state Constitution. 




--- END ---