2897-S AMH ROLF MUNN 253

SHB 2897 - H AMD 1099

By Representative Rolfes


    On page 10, line 32, after "amount" insert "that is not remitted to the department of transportation pursuant to this subsection"


    On page 10, line 38, after "remit" insert "one half of"


    On page 10, line 38, after "penalty" insert "and one half of the forty dollar penalty for toll nonpayment"


    On page 11, line 4, after "occurred." insert "However, beginning on July 1, 2011, toll penalties and penalties for toll nonpayment deposited into the Tacoma Narrows toll bridge account created under RCW 47.56.165 must first be allocated toward repayment of operating loans and reserve payments provided to the account from the motor vehicle account under section 1005(15), chapter 518, Laws of 2007. 

    (8) Any court system adjudicating infractions for toll nonpayment must annually provide to the transportation committees of the legislature a complete accounting of all the court system's costs associated with such adjudication.



    Renumber the remaining subsection consecutively and correct any internal references accordingly.



           EFFECT: The amendment does the following: (1) Remits one half of the revenue from the toll penalty and one half of the revenue from the toll nonpayment penalty to the toll account for the facility at which the violation occurred; (2) Requires the revenue for the judicial information system account to be deducted from the portion of the penalties that does not go to the facility; (3) In the case of the Tacoma Narrows Bridge, requires the toll penalty and toll nonpayment penalties to be allocated to repaying operating loans and reserve payments; and (4) Requires any court system adjudicating toll nonpayment infractions to annually provide an accounting of the costs associated with this adjudication to the transportation committees of the Legislature.




--- END ---