6726-S.E AMH COND REIN 181

ESSB 6726 - H AMD 1498

By Representative Condotta

FAILED 3/05/2010

    On page 1, beginning on line 9, strike all of subsection (2) and insert the following:


    "(2) The working group shall include members that have experience and knowledge of language access services in Washington state, including representatives of: (a) A statewide association representing hospitals; (b) community health centers and providers for underserved and immigrant populations; (c) statewide associations representing physicians; (d) other health care providers who serve medicaid patients; (e) statewide professional interpreter associations; (f) community-based organizations that advocate for persons with limited English proficiency; (g) language access providers; (h) language access agencies; (i) brokers; and (j) the department of social and health services."


    On page 2, beginning on line 7, after "costs" strike all material through "agencies," on line 8


    On page 2, line 12, after "than" strike "September 30, 2010" and insert "December 1, 2010"


    On page 2, beginning on line 13, strike all of sections 2   through 9


    Correct the title.



           EFFECT:   Strikes parts of the underlying bill that provide for collective bargaining between the Governor and language access providers.


           Modifies the working group by including a language access agency representative, not including a union representative, and making a technical correction. 


           Omits a reference to brokers and agencies in the criteria involving the reduction of administrative and overhead costs. 


           Extends the date by which the report is due from September 30, 2010, to December 1, 2010.



--- END ---