3179-S.E AMS KAST CRIS 136

ESHB 3179 - S AMD TO S-5186.3         268

By Senators Kastama and Regala

ADOPTED 3/05/2010

    On page 3, line 14, after "population over", strike "fifty" and insert "thirty"


    On page 4, line 3, after "any county", insert "or city"



           EFFECT:   Allows a city with a population over 30,000 (changed from 50,000 in W&M committee striker) in a county with a population over 800,000 to impose the 0.1% mental health sales and use tax.  Clarifies that nonsupplant language for the 0.1% mental health applies to any city tax revenue as it does for county tax revenues.



--- END ---